Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms can contain many different elements (such as a bath, shower, toilet, vanity, and other storage space). People will generally try and make all of those elements stand out too much, which makes the bathroom look confined and appear to have ‘too much happening’. When you really think about what bathroom elements stand out naturally, the bathroom vanity is the clear winner. Naturally, when people think of toilets, they think of human excrement, when they think of showers, dirtiness springs to mind. However, when someone thinks of a bathroom vanity, it brings forth images of beauty and even themselves.

Bathroom Vanity

In terms of space, many other bathroom elements will simply take up a corner or a small part of the room, they can be difficult to place in situations where your space is confined. A bathroom vanity is very dynamic in the fact that it can occupy as little space or as much space as you want. A wall-length vanity could work and would seem elegant, whereas a wall of toilets will look like a public bathroom.

Toilets, baths, and showers will all generally look the same. While they may have slight differences between models, there is no real way that they can be customized to suit the look you are going for a remodeled bathroom. Vanities, on the other hand, are an open canvas that can suit any bathroom. Many different materials can be used and you don’t have to be limited to a ceramic vanity. Glass, steel, and wood can be incorporated into the design to give a more modern look, or a more rustic look (in the case of some aged woods).

A mirror is one important aspect of any vanity and more often than not is placed above the vanity itself. Mirrors are best to be centered to make the whole unit balance and will never really look right put to the left or right. You need to ensure the mirror actually fits in with the rest of the vanities look. If you have a wood-based design, you may consider a wooden mirror frame, for glass-based vanity designs, a glass backing for the mirror which is larger can give a great glass border effect.

The basin or sink is the next most important aspect of the bathroom vanity unit. Again it is very important to tie this in with your whole concept at the beginning as you remodel, otherwise, you will have to change it later at a high cost. Wood and ceramics mix well together as do glass and steel, you can also go for the classic porcelain look.

The taps on the basin are the item that connects everything together. They interact with both the vanity unit itself and the sink as well as reaching up to the mirror. It may sound cheesy but a well thought out tap choice can make or break your bathroom vanity. Ensure you target your tap choices to the overall time period theme of your bathroom, by this I mean don’t have modern taps in a rustic wooden bathroom.

The bathroom vanity is great in the fact that you can build them as you remodel a full bathroom, or by themselves for a cheaper cost. At a glance, you may not think a vanity costs a lot (in comparison to a shower for instance), but costs of mirrors, taps, plumbing can add up to drive the price up. Plan your vanity to ensure a great look for the best cost possible.

My greatest tip is to be creative and try and move away for the bland units you see in stores. Try and design it yourself and put your mark on the bathroom.

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