Central Heating Systems in the United Kingdom

Central Heating Systems in the United Kingdom

Those of us who have lived our whole lives in the UK, know about the weather here and generally speaking, most of the time it is cold and wet. It is actually quite possible to experience all four seasons in one day, such as the volatility of our weather system here. Apart from a couple of warm months a year, if we are lucky, it is cold and it is raining. That means when we wake up in the morning to get ready for work or if we need to get the kids off to school, then we are used to waking up in a home that is warm and snug, due to our central heating system working efficiently and reliably.

Central Heating Systems in the United Kingdom

‘The Wet System.’

Historically, many older homes had the coal system, where we lit the fire and the back boiler would heat the water and pump water to the radiators all around the house. Nowadays, we have a number of other options open to us, like oil and gas heating systems, that are much more efficient than what we had before. The name central heating suggests that there is one central source that provides us with our heating and hot water needs. The central source is referred to, as the boiler, and in the UK, it generally falls into a system referred to as the ‘wet system,’ which consists of a boiler – gas, electric or oil – and radiators. Central heating engineers in Sunderland and all across the UK, install these systems and periodically check that they are running efficiently.

How It Works.

When the boiler is switched on, hot water is then pumped around the house through a series of pipes that are connected to the radiators, in most rooms of the house. This is the most popular system in the UK and most homes have this system installed. We call them radiators but they don’t, in fact, give off radiant heat, but give us heat through convection. As we all know, heat rises and so the air warmed by these efficient radiators results in warm air circulating throughout the home and creates a very snug place to live in. The hot water tank is usually stored in the roof space and then supplies us with our hot water when we want to have a long, relaxing bath or just a quick dish washing exercise at the sink.

Different Types.

In the UK, natural gas is very popular and is followed by home heating oil and then liquid petroleum gas (LPG). It is also becoming quite popular to have a wood burning system that burns pellets and is more environmentally friendly. Some homes in the UK still operate using electric central heating boilers and they are popular in apartment blocks and high rise government housing. Current oil and gas boilers in the UK are really efficient and come with a very high energy rating. As the government continues to work on cutting emissions, new laws are being introduced regarding the ages and efficiency of older boilers.

A central heating system in the UK is an essential piece of kit due to the inclement weather here, and as long as you keep it regularly serviced by availing yourself of the services of a competent heating engineer, then you should be toasty warm and so should your family.

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