Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space With Paving

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space With Paving

hen it comes to transforming your outdoor space, what can and can’t be done quite rightly depends on what you have available. Do you have a small space which is currently yard? A large, open space which is currently almost all turfed or have you already got a landscaped space which simply needs a little love and attention? Whatever your outdoor space is currently like when it comes to making improvements and turning your garden into space where you want to spend time in, one of the surefire ways to make a huge impact is to utilize paving! Whether this is a small paved area at the end of a lawn or a fully paved patio or driveway, one thing for sure is that paving can do wonders to even the smallest of spaces. Of course, there are literally hundreds of different types of paving, however, and to take a look at just a few of the more popular options, we’ve teamed up with RF Paving.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space With Paving

Raj Green Sandstone

Raj Green Sandstone is one of the more popular types of paving out there and it’s easy to see why combining many shades of colouring throughout and offering a stone which will perfectly blend with almost any surrounding. Raj Green, if well looked after, can last a lifetime and this alone is one of the reasons which makes it such a popular purchase for many transforming their outdoor spaces.

In short, Raj Green offers a gentle mix of greens and browns with the occasional purple tone which runs through the blend, ensuring that a traditional look of the stone is maintained at all times.

Modak Paving

Modak paving is another popular paving product and, again, it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular in recent years. With Modak, you get a striking blend of colours complete with a pink backdrop and distinctive veining. Whilst not for every space, Modak works great in open spaces where the rusty oranges, pinks, and pale yellows can be perfectly complemented with plants and trees. Modak paving is perfect for driveways and patios and can do wonders for helping to bring a previously dull outdoor space to life and inject a little character!

Kandla Grey Paving

Out of all of the different types of sandstone paving available, Kandla Grey is by far the most contemporary, offering consistent in colours. For those who don’t like the thought of too much variation in colour between slabs, this is the perfect solution and one which has been heavily used in recent years across landscaping projects. Kandla Grey comes in a gentle blue-grey colour with the occasional beige shade within.

The perfect accompaniment to Kandla Grey paving is circles, cobbles and edging and it’s the perfect paving for both patios or driveways!

At the end of the day, paving can do wonders to any outdoor space and can literally be used in hundreds of different ways. Of course, it needs a great landscaper to turn your dreams into a reality, however, it’s important to understand just what paving can do for your business and know just what a great range is on offer!

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