Finding the Best Denver Window Company

Finding the Best Denver Window Company

Windows have been improving for years– today we have more materials and styles than ever before. Despite these advances, however, one thing remains true: If you don’t maintain them properly, they will stop being effective.

Finding the Best Denver Window Company

While great care is usually taken in installing windows, they’re almost always neglected after construction is complete. From there, they’re usually ignored until there is a problem.

This usually isn’t entirely the fault of the homeowner or the business. The disconnect seems to happen as soon as the windows are sold when the importance of this regular maintenance is not impressed by the new owners. The subsequent neglect leads to problems with the hardware, gasket, finish, leakage, and the glass itself; all problems that can be easily avoided if the windows get regular check-ups.

Living in Denver means experiencing a lot of different weather; sometimes it can feel like you’re going through multiple seasons in a single day. All of those weather changes that you’re experiencing are affecting your windows, too, and there’s a good chance that they’re no longer functioning properly.

Before you start looking to replace your windows, however, it’s a good idea to see whether they can be repaired instead. A good window company can help you fix your windows if you’re experiencing problems like rot, jammed, sashes, or broken parts. They may also be able to help make your home more efficient by weather stripping and recaulking or adding storm or screen windows.

So how do you find the best possible window company in Denver?

First, you should research your options ahead of time. Know what exactly is wrong with your window, so you can look for a specialist in that area. If you know what’s wrong, you’ll be better off when you’re trying to explain what needs to be done, and you’re less likely to get ripped off by a contractor who would try to oversell you on the work your home requires.

Next, try to source more than one bid. The best repair companies, like JDI Windows, are usually the ones with the most detailed bids. This should cover not only the price, but what materials and products are being used, and any additional labor costs you may incur.

Once you have some bids, make sure you’ve read the fine print in the contracts. If you’re getting a grade A repair company, they’ll usually offer a workmanship warranty, which shows they stand behind what they’ve done.

Next, source some references for your potential contractors. It’s pretty unusual for a business to have no online footprint, so if you stumble upon one with no website, no reviews, and no presence on Google, you may want to consider moving on. You can also ask your contractor to show you some pictures of work they’ve done before, to make sure you won’t be getting any sloppy workmanship.

Finally, check the contractor’s license. Not all states require contractors to have licenses, but many do. If that’s the case, ensure that both their license and their insurance are up to date.

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