Guide to Buying Blackout Blinds

Guide to Buying Blackout Blinds

With the summer months on the horizon and the accompanying good weather, we’ll begin to see lighter and lighter evenings. Lighter evenings are fantastic and offer a refreshing change from the grim, winter months. However, the slight downside to longer daylight hours is the interrupted sleep that sometimes occurs alongside brighter days. This makes blackout blinds the perfect solution to blocking out the light in the evenings and maintaining a good night’s sleep.

Guide to Buying Blackout Blinds

Interestingly, blackout blinds are manufactured by fusing together the blind fabric to the lining. Due to the fact that no stitching needs to take place, no pinprick holes are visible through the fabric, enabling the blinds to block out the light sufficiently. These blackout blinds are a great way to consistently sleep well throughout the night, being unaffected by the lighter evenings. Studies have shown that we benefit from a good level of darkness during the night in order to have quality sleep.

This is particularly true when placing blackout blinds in a child or baby’s room. This makes it much easier to help children get to bed when the sun is still out and early in the morning. Besides improving sleep patterns throughout the summer, there is numerous benefit to having blackout blinds installed at home.

Firstly, blackout blinds provide more privacy than regular blinds. The thicker fabric enables you to sleep well during the night, being unperturbed by the light in the evenings or mornings, but the thickness of the fabric also means that the inside of your house is shielded from anybody looking into the property. Taking the advantages of privacy into consideration, blackout blinds would be a perfect feature for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Blackout blinds can be equally beneficial for monthly energy bills. The thicker material contained within the blackout blinds can help to retain heat during the colder months. The blackout blinds can reflect heat out of the room which helps to keep a moderate temperature within a given room. Studies suggest that you can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%. Additionally, blackout blinds are useful when further blocking out noise from outside.

Buying a blackout blind can help to improve sleep, provide privacy from outside, lower the noise levels and even reduce your energy bills! Blackout blinds could be the perfect solution to receiving all of these advantages within your household and in your daily life.

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