Installing Shower Tile

Installing Shower Tile

Nothing can say more about a person’s personality than the kind of shower tiles that they choose for their bathroom. Whether they are pure as a functional item (to prevent leaks or amelioration of moisture within the shower area) or they are focusing on the ambiance of this most private of spaces in any home then tiles are an ageless component of any bathroom.

Installing Shower Tile

Throughout history, many designers have used tiles as a way of blending form and function seamlessly together in order to create a stunning shower or bathroom going as far back as Roman times. However today the design and quality of shower tiles being used are unsurpassed not just in the quality but their availability. You can choose between hand glazed tiles to those that have been manufactured in bulk and you will soon find that there is no problem in meeting your own particular design requirements.

Whilst they are not particularly difficult to install there is more to a shower tile than just its design. With such high water volume conditions related to showers and baths, it is important the tiles have been properly installed. Before installing any tiles you must begin by demolishing the walls surrounding the bath or shower down to their framework or studs and then cover them with a moisture barrio such as roofing felt.

Next, you need to place over this a cementitious backer board which has been specifically manufactured for use with tiles (such as green board sheetrock) because it has been specially treated to deal with the levels of moisture found in bathrooms. Now you need to apply the waterproof membrane to this before you begin to install the shower tiles. When installing the tiles you should always use this set or the mortar that has been recommended by the tile manufacturer as well as grout to ensure that little or no moisture can penetrate the surrounding areas.

You will find that any bath or shower store, as well as many local DIY centers, will often assist you in the planning, designing and installation of your Shower Tile selection. It does not matter whether you do it yourself over a weekend or design to opt for an experienced professional to carry at the work for you, certainly in no time at all you will soon be enjoying your own unique tile design in the privacy of your own bathroom.

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