Right Decision Making Is a Crucial Part of Successful Window Replacement

Right Decision Making Is a Crucial Part of Successful Window Replacement

Living in a home with chilly drafts means that inhabitants would have to deal with discomfort and normally, windows tend to be the responsible area because when they are damaged, it’s quite difficult to avoid air drafts. In this situation, window replacement becomes crucial and homeowners have to take immediate action to restore coziness throughout the year. Drafty windows force cooling and heating systems to work harder because inhabitants always want to create a comfortable environment that is disturbed by air escape or intrusion.

Right Decision Making Is a Crucial Part of Successful Window Replacement


Since technology has great influence over all areas of life, window manufacturers are now in a better position to meet homeowners’ requirements. The latest invention is Energy Star certification that promises maximum energy efficiency and allows homeowners to cut down a significant amount from their bills. According to an estimate, these products have the ability to reduce energy bills up to 7 to 15%, which translates between $71 and $501 every year. Isn’t that amazing?

Single innovation is not always the reason behind the efficiency and performance of today’s windows. Their functionality is the outcome of myriads of manufacturing methods among which, incorporation of multiple glass panes tends to be the most important one. Although single pane windows have been serving for a long time, they have some drawbacks that are covered by double pane windows. They are twice as insulating as single paned while triple-pane windows can provide maximum efficiency. So, in window replacement, it’s crucial to make sure which type would be a suitable one.

There are some window manufacturers who have taken a step toward in multi-paned windows and added new features for better results. They inject argon gas in the gaps between the glass panes for improved insulation value. The reason to use argon gas is that it is denser than other gases and creates an incredible seal between the home’s exterior and interior. Moreover, low-emissivity or Low-E coatings have also come a long way with the passage of time.

Basically, they are transparent, microscopically thin coatings that work as sunscreen for homes. In cold weather, glass restricts heat from escaping the home, thus keeping the interior comfortable and relaxing. Another incredible feature of low-E coatings is that they block UV rays and prevent furnishings from fading.

Thank technology, window frames have also got superior features. Wood is not only famous for being aesthetically appealing but for providing insulating properties as well. In fact, wood frames can insulate 1,800 times better than aluminum windows. Fiberglass composite is another good option because it offers the same level of insulation at a lesser price. The material does not contract and expand like wood! Vinyl window frames also caught the attention of some homeowners because they are provided with multi-chamber construction for cold and heat conduction.

Other than the aforementioned features, new windows have various other benefits, consisting of:

  • Tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning
  • Glass blinds, grilles, and shades for light control and privacy
  • Low-maintenance exterior
  • Prefinished frames

Last but not least, window replacement is all about transforming the home’s appearance. Homeowners should have to make such decisions that can keep their properties worthy for potential buyers.

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