Steam Shower Rooms

Steam Shower Rooms

Since the advent of the whirlpool bath, it is not surprising that the steam shower has now taken over as the hottest luxury item to have in the home in this last decade. Not only do they come with a wide range of optional features such as multiple water jets and massage features, but they can easily turn a traditional shower into a state of the art spa overnight.

Steam Shower Rooms

Certainly, a fully enclosed shower can easily serve as a sauna or steam shower nowadays. Nowadays the larger than typical shower cubicles that are available can help to customize the design of your bathroom from the floor upwards to meet a large range of tastes.

To begin with, you can choose a shower with up to 30 or more jets and if you want to go for the full wrap around shower you can include such features as ceiling rain (this emulates the effect of being drenched by a warm and pleasing gentle rainfall). Then if you want you can also include warm air jets for drying and massaging as well.

However, if your bathroom is not large enough to accommodate such a shower then you may wish to consider choosing various massage options for inclusion with your steam showers such as a foot massager, seat/bench or even a 2 person shower. Also, coloured glass is now readily available which will meet all your design needs even for those who have very eclectic ideas.

Unfortunately, the luxury of having a steam shower comes with a price so prepared to be shocked when looking at purchasing one. Even those more economical models available (which have limited features) can begin at around $2,000 whilst those at the top end of the scale can be up to $20,000 in price and it is also important to remember that you will then need to include some renovation and installation costs on top of these prices as well.

However, for those who want to be really pampered then most manufacturers provide you with the option of a hands-free telephone sound system and intercom. So at the end of the day no doubt a bathroom steam shower will add some degree of luxury to your home that not even a commercial spa could surpass.

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